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>Apple Tablet … NOW

>So, to all of you who were waiting for it impatiently, the apple tablet is finally out. Honestly, it looks a lot like the “Big Brother of the iPhone” but seems to be truly enjoyable.Check out latest pictures here: Enjoy!O. … Continue reading

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>Pineapple Caramel Slice & Pineapple Sauce

>Aloha nui loa, everyone!Yesterday i had way too much confidence and I said, who can’t do a pineapple souffle from scratch?! I found out that at least I couldn’t 😛But i will share a very nice recipe i came across … Continue reading

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>Hamburger week…

>Yup, that’s true: this week is hamburger week… at least for us it is, apparently. Which means that by sunday i will hate every kind of food that involves two outer layers of any kind of bread… In any case… … Continue reading

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>Butter Buns

>So… I love hamburgers 😀 I think, in a way or another all of us do… But in this world of fast changes and too little time for too many things, sometimes buying a readymade burger, that will last for … Continue reading

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>Living the 1001 Nights

>I am living a fairytale. In the world of colors and smiles, kindness and overwhelming happiness I am living a dream of any ordinary girl: being in love with the prince of my heart, in the kingdom of wherever…Right now … Continue reading

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