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>So… I love hamburgers 😀 I think, in a way or another all of us do… But in this world of fast changes and too little time for too many things, sometimes buying a readymade burger, that will last for weeks in your fridge is the most convenient thing to do. Of course, it will never taste as one made on a real grill, from meat you prepared, but it’ll do the job, I promise. Especially if you know what I know about making a ready-made burger become juicy and flavory!!! But that will come in another post 😛

What I want to talk about is chocolate buns: the fluffy little, sweet buns with chocolate pieces in it. We are living just a couple of houses from a grocery store which used to have these amazing chocolate buns. Just perfect: not too sweet, not too salty, not too artificial, and with just enough chocolate in it. That was before it was taken over by some other company which is also very good, I must admit, but they stopped getting this exact product.
So, I thought, why not surprise my boyfriend, and make some home-made choco buns for him? Said and done!!! 😀
So, I Googeled (both Web and Videos) and I decided: if I’ll ever make a baking video (or cooking) I will finish it by showing what that specific dish, desert or whatever looks like. I mean, I saw all these videos about people claiming to have the recipe for the BEST CHOCOLATE BUNS, and yet, after they baked the thing, non of them actually touched the buns to show you: “hey, I’m fluffy!” B-)

So, out of frustration, I came up with my own recipe, which now I will share with you. Unfortunately they didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted at first, but the second batch got the necessary changes, so here we go…

Warm up about 400 ml of milk. Add 60 g butter in it, stir until it melts. Transfer 70 % of the mixture into a LARGE bowl. In the rest of milk add 3 packages of dry yeast, mix well and add to the rest of the milk. Then slightly beat two medium to large eggs and add that as well. Add vanilla extract. Mix.
Gradually add about 2 cups of flour into the milk while mixing it with an electric mixer until such time the dough seems to be a fine, smooth mixture, and all the yeast becomes absolutely invisible to your eyes. When the dough starts to get too thick, stop the mixer.
Pour about 1.5 cup flour onto the dough. Lightly pulling, with the tips of your fingers, start wrapping the dough around the flour. When it gets too sticky, add more flour. You will use up approximately 800 g overall.
When the dough becomes only slightly sticky, stop adding more flour, and let set for a couple of seconds. If the dough will not stick to your hands, you are done, even if it is not of a hard consistency.
Now add the chocolate. I used a big Hershey’s chocolate bar. I broke it into the predefined squares, then i smashed them with a hammer-like object until they became small enough for my taste.
Work more with the dough, until such time most of the chocolate sticks to the inside of the dough.
Cover the bowl with a clean kitchen cloth, and let it sit in a warm place for about 1 hour or until becomes double the initial size. Do not put it on or in the near proximity of a heater / radiator, since that will melt the chocolate bits, and the dough might look goofy afterwards.
Now I don’t know why, but everyone says that before you should extract your buns, you are supposed to push out all the air in the dough by punching it, and slightly working it again.
Then you start pulling out chunks of dough, as big as a tennis ball. Place them in a non-stick pan (or use backing paper beneath) about 1 inch apart from each other. Let raise for about 30 minutes then bake them in a pre-heated oven (about 150), until light brown in color.
Before putting them in the over I wiped them with melted butter mixed with sugar and vanilla extract. Then, when they are almost done, take them out of the oven, and wipe them with warm milk, then put them back for a couple of minutes more in the oven…
They will be … absolutely delicious!!!

Hope you’ll enjoy this recipe. I sure did.
I case you’ll have some leftovers, you can still eat them. Either put them in the microwave to heat them up and get them fluffy again (not more than 10 seconds!!!) or slice them, and spread chocolate cream (like Nutella) on top and voila! Superb breakfast!

See you soon!

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